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Bill Bruford

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All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.

The Bruford tapes

(1979 studio album)
Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin, John Clark.

S Plainfield NJ : Jem Records, 1979 (EGS 106)
1 phonodisc


(1987 album)

No place : EG Records, 1989 (EGED 60)
1 phonodisc
"Marketed and distributed by Caroline Records."

One of a kind

(1979 studio album)
Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin.

S Plainfield NJ : E.G. Records, 1979 (EGLP 40)
1 phonodisc
Photograph and timings on inner sleeve.
"Marketed by Jem Records." or last updated on January 4, 2003 by Allan Beatty (