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Steve Howe

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All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.


(1975 album)

Germany : Atlantic, n.d. (ATL 50151)
1 phonodisc

New York : Atlantic, 1975 (SD 18154)
1 phonodisc
Gatefold cover with lyrics inside.

The Grand scheme of things

(1993 studio album)
The Grand scheme of things, Desire comes first, Blinded by science, Beautiful ideas, The Valley of rocks, At the gates of the new world, Wayward course, Reaching the point, Common ground, Luck of the draw, The Fall of civilization, Passing phase, ....

USA : Relativity, 1993 (88561-1163-4)
1 cassette
4-fold insert with notes.
UPC 0 88561-1163-47

The Steve Howe album

(1979 album)

New York : Atlantic, 1979 (SD 19243)
1 phonodisc
Gatefold cover with lyrics and notes inside.


(1991 album)

USA : Relativity, 1991 (88561-1061-4)
1 cassette
5-fold insert with extensive notes.
UPC 88561-1061-4 or last updated on January 8, 2003 by Allan Beatty (