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Patrick Moraz


All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.


(1976 studio album)

New York : Atlantic, 1976 (SD 18175)
1 phonodisc
Gatefold cover with notes and lyrics inside. Inner sleeve has track sheet with no tes.

Out in the sun

(1977 studio album)

No place : Import Records, 1977 (IMP 1014)
1 phonodisc
Lyrics on inner sleeve.
Distributed by Jem Records.

Patrick Moraz

(1978 studio album)

Promotional issue
No place : Charisma Records, 1978 (CA-1-2201)
1 phonodisc
On label: "Promotion copy / not for sale."
Photograph and notes on inner sleeve.
Stamped on back cover: "Loaned for promotion only...."
"Manufactured and marketed by Polydor." or last updated on January 4, 2003 by Allan Beatty (