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Yes (radio shows)

[Main]These are syndicated shows distributed to radio stations.

All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.

In Concert - Chris Rea/Trevor Rabin

(1990 show album)

Culver City, CA : Westwood One Radio Networks, 1990 (I 90-11)
2 phonodiscs ( 1:31:50)
Timing sheet.
Plain cover.

Innerview: Trevor Rabin (of Yes)

(1985 show album)

Beverly Hills : Inner View, 1976 (31-8)
1 phonodisc
Timing sheet.
Plain cover.

Off the record special

(1984 show album)

Culver City, CA : Westwood One, 1984 (OTR 84-38)
2 phonodiscs
Timing sheet.
Generic cover.

The Source: The Yes profile

(1983 show album)

New York : NBC Radio, 1983 (NBC 83-84)
3 phonodiscs
Timing sheets.
No cover [at least with my copy].

Superstar Radio Network presents Yes music

(1977 promotional show album)

New York : Atlantic, 1977 (PR 285)
1 phonodisc
Custom art on cover. Back cover has timings and detailed Atlantic US discography of Yes and solo releases.
Complete title is Superstar Radio Network presents Yes music: an evening with Jon Anderson.

Take Five With...Yes

(1987 show album)

Beverly Hills : Innerview, 1987 (33)
1 open reel tape : 7.500 speed or last updated on December 30, 2002 by Allan Beatty (