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Yes (music)

[Main]These are all songbooks. I haven't seen any sheet music of individual numbers.

All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.

Classic Yes : selections from Yesyears

(1993 album)
Arranged by Kenn Chipkin, except Tempus fugit arranged by Alex Houten.
Hold on, Montreux's theme, Owner of a lonely heart, Tempus fugit, I've seen all good people, Lon g distance runaround, Money, Roundabout.

"Authentic Guitar-Tab edition"
Secaucus, NJ : Warner Bros., 1993 (GF0523)
1 songbook
Arranged for vocals and guitar.
112 p.
UPC 7 23188 20523 3


(1975 album)
The Gates of delirium, Sound chaser, To be over.

New York : Warner Bros., n.d. (VF0329)
1 songbook
Piano/vocal and organ arrangement, Guitar/vocal and bass guitar arrangement, and l yrics printed without music.
95 p.


(1994 album)
The Calling, I am waiting, Real love, State of play, Walls, Where will you be, Endless dream.

Miami : Warner Bros., 1994 (VF2156)
1 songbook
Piano, vocal, guitar chords arrangement.
76 p.
UPC 0 29156 13046 1. - ISBN 0-89724-394-3


(1979 album)
Arriving U.F.O., Circus of heaven, Don't kill the whale, Future times, Madrigal, On the silent w ings of freedom, Onward, Rejoice, Release release.

New York : Warner Bros., 1979 (VF0666)
1 songbook
56 p.


(1991 album)
Transcribed and arranged by John Curtin.
I would have waited forever, Shock to the system, Masquerade, Lift me up, Without hope you canno t start the day, Saving my heart, Miracle of life, Silent talking, The more we live - let go, Angkor Wat, Dangerous, Holding on, Evensong, Take the water to...

Secaucus, NJ : Warner Bros., 1991 (VF1728)
1 songbook
122 p.
UPC 7 23188 61728 9

Yes complete deluxe edition

Songs from Yes, Time and a word, The Yes album, Fragile, Close to the edge, Yessongs, Tales from topographic oceans, Relayer, Yesterdays, Going for the one, Tormato, Drama, Yesshows.

Miami : Warner Bros., n.d. (VF0896)
1 songbook
480 p.
UPC 7 23188 60896 6

Yes complete vol. 2

(1977 album)
The Ancient, And you and I, Close to the edge, Dear father, The Gates of delirium, The Revealing science of God, The Remembering, Ritual, Siberian khatru, The Six wives of Henry VIII (excerpts), S ound chaser, To be over.

New York : Warner Bros., 1977 (VF0486)
1 songbook
183 p.


(1975 album)
America, Astral traveler, Dear father, Looking around, Survival, Sweet dreams, Then, Time and a word.

New York : Warner Bros., 1975 (VF0331)
1 songbook
47 p. or last updated on January 6, 2003 by Allan Beatty (