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Various Artists

[Main]These are a few anthologies that include a Yes number.

All information is based on personal inspection of an item. I have not copied other people's discographies.

The Age of Atlantic

(anthology promotional album)
Includes Survival by Yes.

England : Atlantic, n.d. (K20011)
1 phonodisc

By invitation only

(1976 anthology album)
Includes Yours is no disgrace and Sound chaser by Yes.

England : Atlantic, 1976 (K60112)
2 phonodiscs

Dance Traxx

(1986 anthology album)
Includes Owner of a lonely heart by Yes.

New York : Atlantic, 1986 (81638-1-E)
2 phonodiscs
"Mfd. by RCA Music Service under License."

Heavy metal : tape 2

(anthology album)

Includes Starship trooper / Yes.
No place : Warner Special Products, n.d. (SP8T-2001)
1 8-track cartridge

The New age of Atlantic

(1972 promotional album)
Includes America by Yes.

England : Atlantic, n.d. (K 20024)
1 phonodisc

Nightbird & Company #257-260

(1976 show album)
Program 260 features Steve Howe.

New York : US Army Reserve, n.d. ()
2 phonodiscs

Odyssey from Altec

(1973 anthology album)
Includes Catherine Howard by Rick Wakeman.

Beverly Hills : A&M, 1973 (SP 19009)
1 phonodisc

Yes, friends and relatives

(1998 collection album)

USA : Purple Pyramid, 1998 (CLP 0337-2)
2 compact discs
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